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One of the things I find interesting in my discussion on religion is how rampantly misused the term "atheist" is. Ranging from the ridiculous assertion that atheists are Satanists up to the equally ridiculously assertion that atheists only believe in that which can be proven.

So what does it mean to be an atheist?
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I asked yesterday for topics on religion. I got an interesting one. Is proselytizing a moral act? Are there times when proselytizing is moral, and times when it is not?
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In order to explain several aspects of my personal belief system, I need to start way back with the basics. Today, I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Descartes. What am I?
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There is a common question put to atheists: Why don't you believe in God? The tone can range from curiosity to bafflement to aggression. I tend to get it especially because of my background. My father is an Episcopalian priest, my mother is a deacon, and all four grandparents were Elders in the Presbyterian Church. I come from a very strong Christian background. And yet, I have not rejected my parents. I didn't reject Christianity because it was shoved down my throat, as some of my friends did. In fact, I still adamantly defend Christianity, because I deeply admire the way that my family has always lived in their faith.

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I'm using Ello as a blog to collect my artwork, and now to explore some philosophical musings. However, Ello does not yet support the jump-cut. So, I'm dusting off the old LJ to post the wall of text here, and link from there. Which does mean I have to make all these posts public. Eep. Anyway, feel free to also follow along and comment wherever.
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So, most of you are pretty aware that this was a long weekend for those of us with FREEDOM and PRIDE and MANY EXPLOSIVES. It was also a weekend that rounded up an awful lot of my life lately, so I figured I'd do an update post about it.
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Sorry about the sudden burst of very wordy posts. I'm closing down my WordPress blog, and wanted to move a few posts over here for safe-keeping.

For anyone interested, my thoughts on RPGs and gaming are now stored at Division Nihil.

Personal, philosophical, and other random thoughts will be moving back here. Consider yourself warned.

I just finished reading A. J. Jacobs' excellent book The Year of Living Biblically. It is a memoir of his experiences trying to live as closely to the laws and rules of the Bible as possible. (This is the same author who wrote The Know-it-all, in which he read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica from A to Z, also a fabulous book.) I highly recommend the book to, well, pretty much everyone. It is funny, and thoughtful. It is fair and open-minded without waffling all over the place and agreeing with anyone and everyone. It also has some intriguing insights, both from the author himself and from the experts he consults.

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IMO, any post title that has me singing Sting lyrics is a good one.

In working on my new PA setting, I came to a startling conclusion. Our information-based infrastructure is like a gigantic balloon. Press it at any point, and it will give. Remove the pressure, and it will rebound. But pop it, and it cannot be repaired. It can only be rebuilt from scratch.

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So, I happened across a wonderful article last week, thanks to the erudite Eddy Webb. Which linked me to another article, which was equally wonderful. Go on, go read them. It's important to support my inspirations. Also, there's really good stuff in there.

Now, I imagine that, given my social circle, most of you reading this are introverted yourself. But, these articles have led me to believe that extroverted people "don't get" introverted people. So, let me hit you up with some facts (at least, from my point of view) that are hopefully expressed in a way you can get.

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