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December 2014
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Samldanach [userpic]
A long weekend

So, most of you are pretty aware that this was a long weekend for those of us with FREEDOM and PRIDE and MANY EXPLOSIVES. It was also a weekend that rounded up an awful lot of my life lately, so I figured I'd do an update post about it.

Friday at work was pretty normal. For those out of the loop, I am currently working on contract at the SEC, helping them produce reports on all of their data. It's actually pretty interesting stuff. As an odd perk, they also send alerts on recent SEC actions to everyone who works here. So, I've gotten to see a whole bunch of "so-and-so stole a few million dollars, so we're not going to let him play in our stock market anymore."

Friday night we ran a couple of errands. Of note was a stop by Men's Wearhouse for new belts for me. My old belts just weren't doing anything anymore. I dropped from a 54" belt to a 48" belt! Given that I've been a bit disappointed that I've stopped losing weight according to the scale, it was a nice boost.

Saturday morning skyscape had to go to work (boo!), so I got productive around the house. A lot of work in the backyard, dishes, laundry, baked some muffins (from a mix, I'm not crazy). I also finally put a new knob and lock set on the front door. The deadbolt has a cool feature - a keypad! You can enter a secret code to unlock the door instead of pulling out your keys. Makes locking the door when taking puppy for a walk so much easier. (Incidentally, my code is NOT 1234.)

Saturday afternoon/evening we headed out to the mall (I know, we're nigh-suicidal) and went to see Cars 2 (though, because I am an idiot, we weren't able to get in with my GroupOn special). Quick and dirty review: Very, very fun. Lots of nifty bits, great animation, and the characters stayed very true. It did lack the emotional punch that most Pixar movies have, but I'm not sure how much emotional punch Larry the Cable Guy could really manage anyway. As an espionage aficionado, I was both delighted by some of the in-jokes and had to turn a blind eye to some of the gaffes. More than the first Cars movie, though, this one bugged me in a "how exactly do cars manage to build buildings, anyway?" kind of way. My favorite line: "Finn MacMissile! You're dead!" "Then this shouldn't hurt a bit."

Sunday was a long day back and forth to the Kennedy Center to see Next to Normal. OMG, what a fabulous show. skyscape had gotten the soundtrack several months back, and I enjoyed it. Oddly enough, the soundtrack leaves out one very important plot twist that puts everything else in a VERY different light. What I found very interesting was that this play was very clearly not written as a Broadway spectacular. It only has a cast of six, no chorus, and uses very minimal scene changes. It is incredibly moving, and I think that everyone should see it. Most especially, anyone who has ever struggled with mental illness, either in themselves or in a loved one.

Monday morning was a repeat of Saturday morning. Sonya went into work. I stayed home, mowed the front yard, baked some bread, and finished up laundry. Saturday afternoon we headed up to her sister's house for a little family BBQ. Normally, that would be a 40-person affair. This time, oddly enough, it was not. We discovered that the rifts in Sonya's family run deeper and in more directions than we previously suspected. It's pretty sad, really. Fortunately, the afternoon was largely drama-free. The food was good. Sonya's sister has also recently purchased an apartment in Italy, and she showed us a LOT of pictures from her recent trip. Now I really want to go back.

Monday night was our usual 4th of July ritual of hiding in the house and trying to muffle/drown out the sounds of explosions all around us. Sonya gets really jumpy about the noise. She's rubbed off on me over the years (and, it's not like I'm a big fan of noise to begin with). Also, as I discovered many years ago, I just don't like fireworks. They just don't really do much for me. I can get vaguely interested in a particularly cool display, especially one that I'm not sure how they accomplished. (One of the displays last night had a standard explosion followed by a pattern of mini-explosions that were not in a classic burst pattern. Still not sure how they did that.) But, I get bored with it very quickly.

Today, I'm back at work. It's actually been a pretty productive day. I guess the day off was good for me and stuff.


Fireworks are OK.
But they just don't rival a Time On Target: